Criminal Defence

Mian & Co have an established reputation as one of the leading criminal defence firms in Birmingham

We defend clients in proceedings at Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Courts, and at Appeal Courts across the country.

Our solicitors make daily appearances in the Magistrates Courts and are highly skilled in representing clients in all manner of hearings including bail applications, pre-trial reviews, plea hearings, committals and also full summary trials, Newton hearings, and sentencing.

Our solicitors have many years of experience in preparing cases in the Crown Court. Our team includes  Solicitor Advocates with higher rights of audience in the Crown Court, as well as experienced caseworkers, who bring a wealth of experience in serious criminal matters. We frequently instruct some of the leading criminal barristers in the country.

We cover all areas of criminal law to include:

  • Motoring offences

  • Theft, Burglary, Robbery and other offences of dishonesty

  • Assaults, serious assaults

  • Sexual Offences

  • Murder

  • Drug Offences

  • Firearms Offences

  • Motoring offences

  • Theft, Burglary, Robbery and other offences of dishonesty

  • Assaults, serious assaults

  • Sexual Offences

  • Murder

  • Drug Offences

  • Firearms Offences

If you need advice or representation

Please Call 0121 684 8000

If you or someone you know has been arrested and taken to a police station and needs representation;
Please contact our solicitors 24 hours on 0121 648 8000

Notable Cases

At Mian and Co Solicitors we are focused on securing the best possible result for our clients. Here are some recent results on the cases we have dealt with:

R v Botos & Others – Birmingham Crown Court
Conspiracy to import Class A Drugs

Defendant accepted that he deposited cash into a bank account to allow for 80kg Class A drugs parcel to be released. However, stated he had no knowledge that the cash he was paying into the account was for the release of a parcel of Class A drugs. D denied any involvement in a conspiracy to import Class A drugs. There was no evidence on Defendant’s mobile phone. The other 2 Defendants were convicted and received lengthy custodial sentences. Acquitted

R v Zameer & Others – Birmingham Crown Court
Conspiracy to steal motor vehicles (Car Ringing)

Defendant denied being party to an agreement with others to steal high value motor vehicles. Although the Defendant accepted being present at the time and there was no evidence he was involved in a conspiracy. There was many inconsistencies with the prosecution case. The other 3 co-Defendants were convicted. Successful half time submission of ‘no case to answer’ and case dismissed. Acquitted

R v Zaman & Others – Preston Crown Court
Violent Disorder / S18 GBH

The Defendant accepted being present at the scene as on CCTV footage but denied being involved in the incident.
Prosecution offered no evidence due to lack of evidence.

R v Edwards & Others – Manchester Crown Court
Possession of firearm

The Defendant denied possession and knowledge of the firearm. DNA of Defendant was found on the gun. The defence instructed our own DNA expert who confirmed the defence case in that the DNA must have been deposited on the gun from several years ago when the Defendant was involved in possessing firearms which he has already served a prison sentence for.
Prosecution offered no evidence due to lack of evidence. The Defendant was acquitted after defence challenged the DNA evidence.

R v Mughal & Others
Conspiracy to defraud

Following a 8 week trial at Birmingham Crown Court, Rizwan Mughal was cleared of his involvement in the conspiracy to defraud customers of gold jewellery.
Mr Mughal was the only Defendant to be cleared of all charges despite all co-Defendants attributing sole responsibility for the conspiracy on him. The other 5 Defendants were convicted. Acquitted of all charges

R v Tufail & Others – Birmingham Crown Court
Attempt Murder & Possession of Firearm with intent

Defendant was accused of seeking revenge for the attempted murder of his best friend. The prosecution case was he took a firearm and shot a rival gang member’s father. The prosecution case relied on cell site analysis, mobile phone data and independent witnesses who identify him. The other 6 Defendants were convicted. Prosecution offered no evidence before trial as there was no prospect of conviction.

R v Mohammed & Others – Oxford Crown Court
Sexual Grooming/ rape of child

Defendant denied allegations, stating the allegations were false and there was some motive behind getting him convicted. The Defendant maintained he did not have any involvement with the grooming of young vulnerable girls. He maintained he had no connection with the other 23 Defendants in the case.
Prosecution offered no evidence before trial as there was no prospect of conviction.

R v Uddin & Others – Old Bailey London

Defendant denied facilitating terrorism activity with the Islamic state (ISIS) in Syria. The other 3 Defendants were convicted. Acquitted

Legal Aid / Legal Costs

Mian & Co hold a Legal Aid contract with the Legal Services Commission and we will advise you as to your eligibility for Legal Aid.  If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we can offer you competitive rates, and fixed fees whenever possible. Contact us now to discuss your legal needs in criminal law.

Mian & Co is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. SRA ID 52188.


We aim to give clients the best possible service. However, if at any point you become unhappy or concerned about the service we provided then you should inform us immediately, so that we can do our best to resolve the problem.

Our complaints procedure
If you have a complaint, contact our Managing Partner, Mrs Tanweer Mian, with the details.



Mian & Co is a specialist Criminal Defence firm established in Birmingham city centre in 1983. We offer a complete service from advising clients in the police station, to representation in proceedings in the Magistrates Court, Crown Court, and Appeal Courts.

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